4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Kansas Wesleyan vs. Waldorf College
  Date: Aug 29, 2015 • Site: Forest City, Iowa

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
Wcfb 4-12on Wcfb36Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.
Wcfb 4-12on Wcfb36Dustin Wilke punt 35 yards to the KWU29, fair catch by Tyrone Wright.
 Drive: 3 plays, 13 yards, TOP 1:50
Kwu 1-10on Kwu29KANSAS WESLEYAN drive start at 14:55.
Kwu 1-10on Kwu29Kelly Cordova rush for 3 yards to the KWU32, out-of-bounds.
Kwu 2-7on Kwu32PENALTY KWU holding (Mitch Kufahl) 3 yards to the KWU29.
Kwu 2-10on Kwu29Matt Jones rush for loss of 4 yards to the KWU25 (Jamaar Crayton).
Kwu 3-14on Kwu25Kelly Cordova pass complete to Albert Geason for 16 yards to the KWU41, 1ST DOWN KWU (Zibrex Cabel).
Kwu 1-10on Kwu41Kelly Cordova pass incomplete to Mitch Kufahl.
Kwu 2-10on Kwu41Joe Vela rush for 8 yards to the KWU49 (Darius McMillan).
Kwu 3-2on Kwu49Kelly Cordova rush for 14 yards to the WCFB37, 1ST DOWN KWU (Wesley Charles).
Kwu 1-10on Wcfb37Kelly Cordova pass complete to Mitch Kufahl for 9 yards to the WCFB28 (D'Angelo Tucker).
Kwu 2-1on Wcfb28Kelly Cordova pass incomplete to Joe Vela.
Kwu 3-1on Wcfb28Matt Jones rush for 5 yards to the WCFB23, 1ST DOWN KWU (T. Brooks;Wesley Charles).
Kwu 1-10on Wcfb23Matt Jones rush for 3 yards to the WCFB20 (Josh Sauren;D. Payoute).
Kwu 2-7on Wcfb20Kelly Cordova rush for 1 yard to the WCFB19 (Wesley Charles).
Kwu 3-6on Wcfb19LonDariu Thomas rush for 4 yards to the WCFB15 (Darrel Mathis).
Kwu 4-2on Wcfb15Kelly Cordova rush for 3 yards to the WCFB12, 1ST DOWN KWU (Alex Pierre;T. Jenkins).
Kwu 1-10on Wcfb12Kelly Cordova rush for 3 yards to the WCFB9 (Darrel Mathis;T. Jenkins).
Kwu 2-7on Wcfb09Jake Curran pass intercepted by T. Brooks at the WCFB1, T. Brooks return 0 yards to the WCFB1.
 Drive: 15 plays, 62 yards, TOP 5:36
Wcfb 1-10on Wcfb01WALDORF COLLEGE drive start at 09:19.
Wcfb 1-10on Wcfb01Cale Crowder rush for 2 yards to the WCFB3 (Troy Ward;Matt Myers).
Wcfb 2-8on Wcfb03Isaac Sanchez pass complete to Vybert Greene for 11 yards to the WCFB14, 1ST DOWN WCFB (Tyrone Wright).
Wcfb 1-10on Wcfb14Julian Ampaw rush for 3 yards to the WCFB17 (Matt Myers).
Wcfb 2-7on Wcfb17Cale Crowder rush for 3 yards to the WCFB20 (C McQueen;Peter Timoti).
Wcfb 3-4on Wcfb20Isaac Sanchez pass complete to L. Calhoun for 11 yards to the WCFB31, 1ST DOWN WCFB.
Wcfb 1-10on Wcfb31PENALTY KWU offside 5 yards to the WCFB36.
Wcfb 1-5on Wcfb36Alex Pierre rush for no gain to the WCFB36 (Darius Jiggetts).
Wcfb 2-5on Wcfb36Alex Pierre rush for 2 yards to the WCFB38 (C McQueen).
Wcfb 3-3on Wcfb38Cody Smith at QB for Waldorf College.
Wcfb 3-3on Wcfb38LaVar Johnson rush for 22 yards to the KWU40, 1ST DOWN WCFB (Tyrone Wright;Michae Guerrero).
Wcfb 1-10on Kwu40Julian Ampaw rush for 6 yards to the KWU34 (C McQueen).
Wcfb 2-4on Kwu34Cody Smith pass incomplete to Everett Frazier.
Wcfb 3-4on Kwu34Cody Smith pass complete to Everett Frazier for 2 yards to the KWU32 (Sam Pierce).
Wcfb 4-2on Kwu32Julian Ampaw rush for loss of 2 yards to the KWU34 (C McQueen;K Marshall).
 Drive: 12 plays, 65 yards, TOP 5:52
Kwu 1-10on Kwu34KANSAS WESLEYAN drive start at 03:27.
Kwu 1-10on Kwu34Miles Balthazor rush for 1 yard to the KWU35 (Jamaar Crayton;Rigo Verdin).
Kwu 2-9on Kwu3580 at QB for Kansas Wesleyan.
Kwu 2-9on Kwu35Robert Cox rush for 3 yards to the KWU38 (Jacob Louisius).
Kwu 3-6on Kwu38Will Smith pass intercepted by Trent Jones at the KWU47, Trent Jones return 0 yards to the KWU47.
 Drive: 3 plays, 4 yards, TOP 1:06
Wcfb 1-10on Kwu47WALDORF COLLEGE drive start at 02:21.
Wcfb 1-10on Kwu47Cody Smith pass incomplete to Vybert Greene.
Wcfb 2-10on Kwu47Cody Smith pass incomplete to Kevin Pollock.
Wcfb 3-10on Kwu47Cody Smith rush for 9 yards to the KWU38, out-of-bounds.
Wcfb 4-1on Kwu38Cody Smith rush for 7 yards to the KWU31, 1ST DOWN WCFB (Sam Pierce).
Wcfb 1-10on Kwu31Cody Smith sacked for loss of 11 yards to the KWU42, fumble by Cody Smith recovered by WCFB TEAM at KWU42, out-of-bounds.
Wcfb 2-21on Kwu42Cody Smith pass complete to Alvyns Alcenord for 4 yards to the KWU38 (Pierce Williams;Nick Bonorden).
Wcfb 3-17on Kwu38Chris McDearmon rush for 13 yards to the KWU25 (Nick Bonorden).
Wcfb 4-4on Kwu25Chris McDearmon rush for 5 yards to the KWU20, 1ST DOWN WCFB (J Meketuk).
Wcfb 1-10on Kwu20Clock 00:00.
Wcfb 1-10on Kwu20End of game, clock 00:00.
 Drive: 8 plays, 27 yards, TOP 2:21